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[B^S] mavau
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Message 13075 - Posted: 2 Jun 2005, 19:03:18 UTC
Last modified: 2 Jun 2005, 19:09:18 UTC

There have been a few server problems recently. Lots of questions asked, and a lof of time and energy spent trying to get and provide answers.
I think a lot of people would find it useful to have a link on the home page providing some info about what they should do.
Some basics I can think of:

<b>No scheduler response:</b>
<i>A message on the home page stating the problem and what users should do about it.</i>
e.g, When trickles are not getting through: <ul>
<li>Temporarily disable BOINC network access in Manager and wait for an announcement.</li>
<li>No need to suspend project.</li>
<b>New BOINC versions</b>
<ul><li>Links to BOINC main page and opinions</li>
<li>Links to possible issues</li>

My worry is the number of people who drop out temporarily or outright when the project doesn't work as expected. (lost 1,000 since latest trouble).
Finally, since server problem seems to have been solved:
<b>A message that everything's all right again!</b>
And send one to all the teams.

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Profile mo.v
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Message 13081 - Posted: 2 Jun 2005, 23:33:16 UTC

Tout le monde est d'accord.

The idea of putting current server status on the home page has been mentioned before, and your suggestion of a link to specific instructions for when the server is down is an excellent idea. As you say, when the server is down, new users can easily panic, particularly if this is their first ever DC project.


Questions and Answers : Wish list : Home Page Info

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