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Why can't I get more work?
Why can't I get more work?
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Message boards : Number crunching : Why can't I get more work?

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Les Bayliss
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Message 40258 - Posted: 28 Jul 2010, 20:16:26 UTC

This is a copy of two of my posts about this:

I suspect that the new server code hasn't been fully/properly customised yet.
What is shown on user's computer pages as Maximum daily WU quota per CPU probably no longer applies, and is just a left over from the previous version.

The new code has the quota set per application, and this isn't being reflected in the page text.
And this may or may not have been included in the many options from which to choose during install of the server code.
(Update: It now appears that the 'per app' part WASN'T included.)

Testing of the code that runs on peoples computers is one thing; just a matter of lots of people testing it. But there's less than one hundred active projects, and not all of them have the time or spare hardware to test new server code. It's possible that this only gets tested on SETI, which has different requirements to this project, and so parts of the code may not get tested until it's installed here.

The best advice at the moment is probably: Keep trying, and good luck.

Best advice at present:
Ignore whatever is in Daily quota; that's a left over from the old server code.
If you have problems getting new work, set your Maintain enough work for an additional to the max of 10 days. (Possibly won't work immediately if you're already having problems.)
DON'T abort extra work that you get! That (those) models count against your "daily" quota.
Failed models, and 'phantom' models (that appear on your project page but never arrived on your computer), also count in the quota.

Wait patiently until you get some models.

Message boards : Number crunching : Why can't I get more work?

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