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No work is being received
No work is being received
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Questions and Answers : Getting started : No work is being received

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Message 45672 - Posted: 18 Mar 2013, 21:34:34 UTC

I installed BOINC on my new Apple Mac and it is running a project quite happily. Thought I would add climate prediction. Followed the instructions and nothing happens. left it for 24 hours, still nothing. Lots of processor power available (quad core processor) and lots of RAM and hard drive space well covering the specs needed. What am I doing wrong please?



Les Bayliss
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Message 45673 - Posted: 18 Mar 2013, 21:55:24 UTC - in response to Message 45672.

This project doesn't have a continuous supply of work. It's only released in batches of a few thousand at a time, and then the researchers wait until they get enough work returned to decide on the next area of parameter space to look at.

Occasionally, a work unit may be created by an automatic 're-gen' program, which takes data from the final file created and returned by a model, and uses this to create the starting parameters for the next year in the sequence.

The project people are only 'facilitators'; work is supplied from climate groups external to the Uni of Oxford.

There is a link to the Server Status page in the blue menu to the left of here, 5 from the bottom.

Also, please read the sticky post at the top of the Macintosh section, labelled Tasks crash after upgrading to BOINC 6.12.26.
This applies to all BOINC versions.

Work units (called models), take a long time to complete: days to weeks.
Both uploads and downloads are big. Size varies depending the type of model.

Backups: Here

Questions and Answers : Getting started : No work is being received

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