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Connecting Facebook with and BOINC
Connecting Facebook with and BOINC
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Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Connecting Facebook with and BOINC

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Message 49669 - Posted: 31 Jul 2014, 11:01:01 UTC


The lovely folks over at GridRepublic and Progress Thru Processors, have developed a Facebook app that allows you to connect your BOINC account to your Facebook account.

This is a great way to track your crunching progress, manage your accounts, and most importantly to spread the word and get your friends involved too.

There's also a much more streamlined signup process for new users.

A version tailored specifically for is now ready for testing and we're currently looking for volunteers to help test the app before we launch it properly.

This would involve running through the setting up process a couple of times and checking how it goes against a testing document.

It boils down to a simple pair of buttons: one for existing users to link to their Facebook accounts, and another that provides streamlined CPDN signup for new users.

If you're interested, please email me ( and I'll send you more information about it.

Many thanks for your help,

Best wishes,

Hannah Rowlands
No longer Communications Officer for, as of October 2015

Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Connecting Facebook with and BOINC

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