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Param Siddharth
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Message 55596 - Posted: 29 Jan 2017, 14:39:01 UTC

I usually do not have my computer turned on for a long time. Thus, there is less idle time to do contributions via my computer. However, most of the BOINC projects support Android devices, but Climate Prediction does not. If it will have support for thr Android platform too, more users would be easily able to do contributions. What is your opinion?
- Param Siddharth.

Profile Dave Jackson
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Message 55597 - Posted: 29 Jan 2017, 17:05:34 UTC - in response to Message 55596.

It is the cpu that is the problem rather than the OS. The CPDN tasks won't run on ARM processors so the Raspberry Pi is excluded too. Presumably if a phone/tablet had an intel/amd cpu it would be possible to get things up and running on Android assuming all the relevant libs could be found and installed!!!!!!

Les Bayliss
Volunteer moderator
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Message 55603 - Posted: 29 Jan 2017, 20:43:11 UTC

To add a bit more:

The climate programs have been written by (and are owned by), the UK Met office, for running on their supercomputers. They're only available to researchers using Intel like processors, which are based on cisc architecture

Android systems are based on the risc architecture

The climate programs are very complex, and won't even run on some of the earlier Intel/AMD computers that don't have SSE2, an instruction set extension to the x86 architecture.
There is no way that these models will every be run on Android devices.

Anyway, the work here isn't continuous. It appears in small batches, with totals far less than the number of computers waiting for them, and most of these computers have more than one core, so the work is quickly grabbed.

Questions and Answers : Wish list : Android Support

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